Hi, I’m Winn.

I created this site and the Groove Monster Method Guidebooks to teach people of all ages how to connect with their instruments and find that Groovy Monster that lives inside each of us.

Having been a working musician and teacher for many years, I know how to play and explain music in a joyful way.  My students were the driving force behind the teaching method in these guidebooks.  The lessons in the guidebooks are based on real life study needs.  Each lesson addresses a specific area of development as it relates to learning music.





My Background:

I have had the pleasure of gigging with, recording with or just sharing the stage with the following fantastic musicians.  They are not listed in any particular order.

John Driskell Hopkins, Peter Rowan, The Mosier Brothers, David Blackmon, Johnny Knapp, Barry Richman, Cooper Tisdale, Tom Grose, Tommy Taylor, Jeff Sipe, Warren Haynes, Alan Woody (RIP), Butch Trucks, Dave Ragsdale, Kyle Brock, Johnnie Bolin, Tomas Ramirez, John McKnight, Paul Fallat, Mike Martin, Spencer Kirkpatrick, Yonrico Scott, Butch Owens, Chris Hicks, Stu Hamm, Billy Sheehan, Rik Emmett, Vivian Campbell and Jason Bonham to drop a few names.  Hey, this is my rΓ©sumΓ© and I am proud of it.  Please excuse any inadvertent omissions by my IT people.

You can also find my name credited on the original soundtrack, β€œThe Fender Story” with The Barry Richman Band.

❅❅❅❅❅ Excellent Book.

I liked this well conceived and well organized book. Good tips for beginners and more advanced players. I like the author's attitude and approach.

By YuppieScum
Format: Paperback

❅❅❅❅❅ Winn is a Master.

Winn is a master bassman and a versatile musician. His spirit of music, combined with an entertaining presence, makes this book a "must" for aspiring bass musicians. There are few enough bass players in the world, and fewer still of Winn's calibre.

By David Weissmann.  This review is from: The Groove Monster Method Bass Guidebook (Paperback)

❅❅❅❅❅ Useful and fun.

Even this 30 year + veteran of hundreds of gigs and multiple bands was able to find catchy tips and some new ideas for my bass playing.  Of particular value were the jam tracks on the author's [...] site. The book is comprehensive, easy to follow, offers a variety of music types, and is just plain fun. Highly recommended for beginers and seasoned players alike.

By Thomas H. Butsch, Verified Purchase.  This review is from: The Groove Monster Method Bass Guidebook (Paperback)

Very nice book.!

By tiagobmd, Verified Purchase.  This review is from: The Groove Monster Method Bass Guidebook (Kindle Edition)